Anthem of the Seas


Anthem of the Seas- impressions of a first time cruising family

On a lovely sunny Saturday morning I was being a bit of a pixie and didn’t let the kids in on what we had in store. (Though some parents might argue that it was the sane thing to do.) We’d told Angelina, Hugo and Max that we are going to a hotel, a rather special one.  Little did they know that it was the cruise ship the Anthem of the Seas.

As we drove into Southampton a huge cruise ship towered over the docks.  (It is the length of 5 jumbo jets afterall!) Hugo noticed it first and excitedly said:

Look at that big ship! It even has a giraffe on it.

Then we drove past it.  The kids were chattering about how big she was and what a pity we are leaving it behind.  As we rounded the round-about that took us back to Gate 4, where the big ship, the Anthem of the Seas was moored, they looked surprised.

Doesn’t that look like a big hotel? –  I asked

The kids were confused!

Would you like to go on that big floating hotel?- I asked.

There was a moment of silent, then what I had just asked sunk in.  I heard huge shrieks and a resounding “YES!” from the back seat.  Their excitement was now at the levels mine had been for days, maybe even weeks, since I was invited to the pre-inaugural sailing of the Anthem of the Seas by Royal Caribbean and Mumsnet.

We were about to pop our family cruising cherry and what better way to do it than on a brand new ship jam packed with cutting edge tech?!

After my day visit to the Oasis of the Seas in October, my curiosity was well and truly spiked:

Is cruising a real holiday option for an adventurous, independent, budget conscious family like us?

I loved what I saw, but I have to admit, not having had the family with me on board the Oasis of the Seas, some of my septicemic remained.

This time they were coming and we were spending 2 nights on board.  Our short time was probably only partially indicative of what we’d experience in a full week but we certainly challenged some of our misconceptions.

And look at all we crammed into our short trip.  The old adage sleep is for the weak was certainly true for the whole family.


What do you think?  Would you be able to have fun?


More of details of our madventures on board and the low down on the Anthem of the Seas still to come.

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