Berlin a postcard first impressions


Berlin, a postcard…with love!

Berlin a postcard first impressions



My Dearests,

I wish you were here sharing in the first impressions of this astonishing city, Berlin.

Arriving, I don’t recall my travel documents ever before being scrutinised with such meticulousness.  I got in! The transport system very efficient got me to my destination afterwards.  It all works coherently and is reasonably priced.

The architecture is amazing in the city- old mixing with new seamlessly.  Graffiti covers lots of walls- some beautiful, some plain vandalism.   This all gives the city a real edgy feel. (Someone described Berlin as morbid and I can see their point, though I wouldn’t go as far.)

Due to my schedule, I only managed an early evening walk to the Wall and the Brandenberg Gate. Both of which are so steeped in history.  It was strange to see them and reflect on the history that lies behind.

On a totally different note, Berlin has some of the best kebab I’ve ever had and I loved the food at inFarm, the cafe that produces it’s own salads using hydroponics.

Walking around the pedestrian crossing lights always made me smile… I wish I’d remembered to take a picture!

I hope to come back with you all, in warmer months, to explore this city more.





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I’d love to know your first impressions of places you’ve just been to.

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