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11 reasons Rory’s Story Cubes are the best travel game EVER

There’s something about Rory’s Story Cubes: I’ve yet to find someone who has them and doesn’t love them.

(My most commented on Instagram post to date)

We’ve had our sets for 6 months.  I quickly ordered a set before I set off on an adventure to Corsica for a week, just me and the three kids. They were tested on the plane, on the beach and on a very tedious and slow 3.5 hour journey.  Then we added some more sets and they have travelled all across Europe with us.

Best travel game rorys story cubes2


So far Rory’s Story Cubes have been the best travel game I’ve come across:

  1. Story Cubes are compact.  The set of 9 cubes (or 3 for special packs) in its box fits in my coat pocket, travels in my handbag or in the dashboard compartment in the car.
  2. Story Cubes are versatility.  You can take them anywhere: They are good for the home and on the road, water or in the air.  You can even use them in a moving vehicle.
  3. Story Cubes transcend age and language.  We’ve played them with ages 2 to 76.  The kids have drawn their Dutch and Hungarian grandparents and cousins in to play.
  4. Story Cubes games are easy to use. We’ve found at least 5 ways to play with them.  There are no complicated rules, just guidelines we agree on.
    Best travel game rorys story cubes1
  5. Story Cubes are good quality.  You don’t fear them breaking. Even the box they come in is sturdy.
  6. Story Cubes are affordable. A set retails from just under tenner. That’s 4 regular coffees in a coffee shop and they will keep you happy for much longer than those 4 coffees.
  7. Story Cubes require no electricity.  Therefore, no charging, no running out of charge from dawn to dusk. They do require a torch in the dark though. 😉
  8. Story Cubes are great for learning. These little cubes have real educational value, with a lot of fun built in. My kids have improved their vocabulary, their association skills and storytelling skills. (And I’ll admit I have too) They can also use it in all 3 of their languages and improve more than one language skill.
  9. Story Cubes foster interaction.  Sometimes we all just want to retreat into our own little bubble, often a digital bubble.  Story Cubes have been great at starting conversations.  In fact, in the past weeks as kids are getting home from school more and more tired, not wanting to talk about school, I’ve used these to prompt discussions and gradually talk about their day.
  10. Story Cubes help me distract bickering, tired children. Sometimes everything annoys us and we take out our frustration on our nearest and dearest.  This is usually the witching hour, the time in a restaurant between the excitement of ordering and the food actually arriving or that last half an hour in the car.  I will get each child to pick 3 cubes and tell me or draw me their own little story.
  11. Story Cubes never get boring.  Just when you think you’ve got to know your set, you mix things up and add other full sets or mini sets.  I love the latest Batman and Moomin sets!
    Rorys story cubes actions


This toy has worked as a game and a parenting aid for me.  I now have a set permanently living in my handbag or backpack. At least one box gets transferred with my wallet to whatever I am carrying, they are that good.

Do you agree that Rory’s Story Cubes are the best travel game on the market?  Or have you come across a better travel game?



If you want to have unlimited fun and learning with these, you can buy Rory’s Story Cubes directly from the clever folks who invented them.

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