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Trip to Budapest as a Dental Tourist

Dental tourism in Budapest for a tooth implantA tooth falls out leaving a gaping hole between teeth.   There are no other teeth to replace it like my kids’ or sharks’ which will have a couple of hundred to replace each tooth.  One is left with the whole dilemma.

What do I do?

What are my options?

Do nothing, a bridge or an implant?

What are my actual options?  That is what can I afford to do?

How do I find someone I trust?

Where do I go?

These were all thought rushing through my head.  I went through all the questions above and probably more. I was so uncertain!  I asked around.

This is my account of how it went (, but you can read also the prelude to my dental trip to Budapest.)


Luckily, I was recommended a dentist by a friend of a friend. One that has a London practice too, one that gave me options on treatment in London or abroad and one that could assist with all my arrangements.


The recommended dentist, Dr Kolozsvary, had credentials that stacked up. He also seemed caring, gentle and patient, when I met him and he pulled my broken tooth.


Dr Kolozsvary and his secretary, Viktor, were brilliant at taking time and answering all my questions, however obscure they seemed. I think I must’ve talked, especially to Viktor, about 3 times (for over half an hour each time) before booking my flights.  I needed all the details!  I needed reassurance that this operation wasn’t a big deal.


Viktor had offered their full service, which included flights, transfers and accommodation.  This was all very competitively priced, but I decided to organise it for myself.  Afterall I did live in Budapest for 5 years as a teen!


I don’t know why, but there was a level of reassurance when I spotted a half page advert for my dentist in the Wizzair inflight magazine, when we were flying in with Max my toddler.

My time in Budapest was fantastic!  Catching up with friends and family, sightseeing like a tourist outside of the tourist season was great.  It is so good to revisit a city you once knew so well and take in all that has changed (and gosh there is a lot in Budapest) and enjoy the things you used to enjoy.  (Keep an eye on the blog to read more about the exciting stuff we got upto. )

I love the street food in Budapest: the variety of pastries with a huge range of savoury to sweet fillings and flavours.  A coeliac’s nightmare, but my heaven, especially with a toddler more inclined to snack, than eat a healthy, balanced meal.  The little bakeries selling these, often freshly baked on site, products are on all the streets and in the underpasses.  Choosing is the most difficult!

I have my favourites though and these include a chocolate swirl, a walnut horseshoe and a poppyseed horseshoe.  These and a glass of milk are my favourite snacks in Budapest… often to substitute one or more of the main meals of the day.

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On the morning of my dental surgery I got a lift to the dental surgery, even though it’s easy to get to and not far from an underground station.  In the car I munched on a poppyseed horseshoe pastry.  I honestly didn’t think of all the little black spots that were going to adorn my teeth!

Only as I arrived at the surgery did I see my mistake, especially as I’d forgotten my toothbrush.  Thankfully my first appointment was with a lovely hygienist, Zsuzsi.

The hygienist did an extremely through job of cleaning and polishing my teeth, flossing in between.  I have never had it done this well.  It took a good half an hour.

dental hygienist treatment tooth implant

After the hygienist was finished the local secretary talked me through the procedure again. We signed contracts and I got the insurance documents.  We also discussed aftercare in detail.

Payment was sorted. I had originally opted for BACS transfer, but then the exchange rates were so good for Pound to Hungarian Forints that lastminute I decided to pay cash. (I used an exchange bureau on the Erzsébet Körút where I got a very good rate of 410 HUF to the 1 GBP- their exchange rate was 3% better than withdrawing cash from the bank and BACS transfer rates I was being quoted were around 401 HUF to the pound).

Barely had we finished Dr Kolozsvary was ready for me.

He, too, made sure I was ok with everything that was going to happen, he explained what he was going to do.  I’m rather morbid and when Dr Kolozsvary said it would be surprisingly quick I asked if we could video it.  Which we did.

Two injections, the first of which was little unpleasant prick, the second I only felt a pressure.  We chatted for a couple of minutes.

injection dental tourism budapest

Then I lay back and the drills came out.  The first one, as Dr Kolozsvary later explained, was a special invention of his, was like a miniature hole cutter to cut out the flesh and make the initial hole into the jawbone in one go.  Then progressively larger drills followed.

specialist drill head specified by Dr Kolozsvary

Through all this I felt nothing except someone was fiddling around in my mouth.  The sound of the drills were not the high-pitched screeching ones, but more like an engravers tool. There was no pain at all!budapest dental tourism tooth implant 01  ©Familymadventures

Once the hole was made, the next step was putting in the implant.  This was screwed in and then ratcheted into place securely.  Bizarre feeling of having a ratchet in one’s mouth.

The whole procedure was finished in 6 minutes!

budapest dental tourism tooth implant ©Familymadventures

A final Xray was taken after I was done to ensure all was as supposed to be.  This was reassuring, as that are of bone had seemed less dense on previous Xrays.  The developed film confirmed that the implant was in the bone deep enough and looking to be straight.

Xray budapest dental tourism tooth implant  ©Familymadventures

The secretary again talked me through the aftercare:

  • No alcohol for 24-48 hours
  • No hot drinks or soups for a couple of days
  • No milk products for a week
  • No chewing on that side for a week
  • Clean teeth after each meal thoroughly, but gently around the implant
  • Take painkillers as needed
  • Most swelling and pain is expected 2-3 days after the implant is in


All quite straight forward.

The rest of that day I spent wandering around Budapest and had a business meeting in the afternoon.  I was pain free.  The second day I felt a little bit of pressure, but not pain.  I didn’t bother to take a painkiller.  I had a lovely afternoon and evening out with friends, including eating out.  Since then I have not felt anything, not even when accidentally biting onto the implant.

The little metalic button that tops the implant screwed into the bone was strange at first.  Just gave my tongue something to fiddle for days.  However, 3 weeks on I have got used to it and can chew on that side with no problem.

The hygiene and aftercare standards, thus far, have been excellent.

The cost was very favourable compared to having the treatment done with my local practice and to be honest, I have been far more impressed with the Forest and Ray practice than my regular dentist.  F&R have found 3 small cavities, which we will deal with during my next treatment.  These have gone unnoticed by my local dentist in the last check up only weeks before Dr Kolozsvary found them.

I’ve decided to continue the whole treatment in Hungary, so my next trip to Budapest will  be sometime in May or June, when the crown will be made and fitted onto the implant.  That trip will need me to stay in Budapest for a week, as they make the crown then based on my bite template.

I’m looking forward to having the whole procedure completed and not having a gaping hole in my mouth.

Do you have any suggestions for what I should do in Budapest during my next trip over?


I was recommended Dr Kolozsvary, who is a practitioner at Forest & Ray through Viktor’s company Hungary4u, who arrange the practice’s UK business. Throughout our dealings, thus far, they have been really good to have looking after my health need. 

Dr Kolozsvary speaks good English as do all the staff I’ve been dealing with.

As far as I am aware, all the materials used are top quality, with a lifetime guarantee attached.

For a breakdown of costs look at my previous post about the Toothfairy.



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