The Waterfall in Corsica

The Waterfall.

The Waterfall which gave us
so many firsts.
The Waterfall, the name of which,
I don’t even know.
The Waterfall in Corsica.
It is somewhere west of Moriani Plage,
Just below the village of San Nicolao.

We heard of the wonderful walk
from our resort, San Lucianu.
It was to take us to a waterfall.
There was a plan to walk
on Wednesday with a guide,
then new plans for Thursday,
but we made our own plans,
madventures style.
For kids were not allowed
on the resort’s guided walk,
Toddlers especially not.

We borrowed a laminated set of directions,
with pictures nonetheless,
to ensure we didn’t get lost.
Out of the hotel we walked,
Angelina as a navigator.
Each child with their little rucksack
carrying their own swimwear and towel,
their own drink and snack.
It’s best to learn young!

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

We walked in the hot summer sun,
over asphalt weeping black tar,
cars passing with speed.
This was no fun!
We hoped the reward
would be worth the long sweaty walk.


A microscooter was, what I planned to use,
to ease the walk for the Littlest.
However he refused to scootor,
even just stand and be pulled along.
Instead his brother and sister scooted
till it got too hot to exert
the energy needed
to even propel forwards.


We walked on, in the heat.
Very little shade.
Littlest complained,
but carried on.
He didn’t like walking
on the side of the road.
He demanded to walk on the asphalt.
Then, true to toddler form,
Max found a rock,
a hefty one at that.


In one hand he carried the rock
the other hand held onto my hand.
He was much happier now,
regailing stories of
his favourites,The Octonauts.Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

My camelback water bladder
was immensely useful.
This was a new toy to play with,
making drinking fun
out of the long, long flexi “straw”.
Then, as they’d finish,
it wouldn’t stop flowing,
spraying them with cooling water.

The instructions said
it was a 45 minute walk.
We walked a LOT longer.
The road wound this way,
that way.
Turned left
and turned right.
Not much interest on either side.

Finally we came to a bridge,
beyond it some woods.
The promise of shade,
protection from the scorching sun
lay just a couple of steps ahead.

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

As soon as we were off the road,
we were indeed cooler.
The route was more interesting.
Dung beetles for a start- now they are fun!
So much so, that a 3 and 6 year old
could watch them for hours,
as they roll the poo
to make their nests.
We encountered hoards of them.
I beckoned the boys to carry on
to our promised natural wonder.

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

At some point other families
caught up with us.
They had more kids
and younger ones too.
I was glad!
For I had questioned my sanity
for embarking on this trip
with 3 on my own
and the youngest barely 3.

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

We led the way,
Angelina reading the map,
guiding us all.
A long dirt path,
tempting side paths,
but we were lucky to spot
our own sidepath.
Someone had moved the marker!

Corsica waterfall walkfamilymadventures 07

The new, narrow path took us
deeper into the woods.
We needed to cross a little stream.
Hop across on the stones?
No way!
Our feet needed to be cooled.
We waded through
and welcome the cold water
squishing through our sandals,
cooling our dusty, tired feet.

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

We followed our path upwards,
just gently.
Came across some rocks.
Others had said
“it’s impossible with a toddler”,
but my toddler took the obstacles
better than me!
Soft play has its advantages!

As we scaled some rocks
we could hear
the water rumbling beyond.
We hastened our pace.
There was no need to urge
the troops along now.
All were now draw to
the sound of pounding water.

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

Emerging from the woods,
first a wide stream with
shallow pools appeared.
There were some really big boulders ahead,
the sound of thunder coming from behind.
Between the cracks we spotted it:
The Waterfall with a pool.

Corsica familymadventures 130

We climbed a little more,
found our little perch
on the banks of the pool,
stripped to our swimwear.
I dipped my toes in…
It was teeth-clatteringly cold!
Our bodies like ice cream in the sun,
dripping and slumped.
Angelina and Hugo jumped in.
I lowered myself in gingerly.
Max wasn’t having any of it:
Tired cranky toddler was dipping his toes only.

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

The cold turquoises water was bliss!

We swam around the icy, clear pool.
Swam to the cascade,
let the water pound on us,
force us away with its power.

Bucket list: Swim under a waterfall ✔

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

Angelina and Hugo splashed about,
jumped from some rocks
on the shore.
Some guys climbed on some rope
hanging on a steep cliff.
There was a higher pool.
The chaps enjoyed themselves there
till they decided to return,
by jumping from really high up.
My kids watched with awe.

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

Then Angelina asked if she could try
to climb up the rope.
My heart in my throat,
I tried not to show the fear
I have of heights.
I said “yes”,
surprising myself.
She swam to the rope
and started to climb.

Waivering at one point,
Where the rope was worn and
held by only a little bit.
She gripped the rock
like an experienced climber.
I sat biting my nails,
watching from afar,
encourgaging with instructions.
…As if I knew!

At the first big rock
about 5m off the water,
She stood, glimpsed at me.
I signalled, it’s ok
For I had seen older men jump from there.
She would be fine
as long as she thrust herself forwards.
She dithered.
I reassured her she can do it
But doesn’t have to.
She looked at the water,
at me
and at the water again.
She did it!
She jumped!

Bucket list: Jump into a waterfall pool 

Corsica waterfall walkfamilymadventures 02

Emerging from the splash,
Angelina swam triumphantly
to her little brothers on the shore.

Hugo tried too,
but freaked at the frayed rope.
He has sense,
that boy does!
Some other kids, older,
wanted to try.
All backed down,
till Angelina scaled the cliff again.
She was agile like a cat.
It was beautiful to watch,
even if my maternal heart,
biased by vertigo,
was pounding so hard,
my chest was about to burst.

She jumped again,
emerging with a winner’s smile.
My heart now pounded with pride.
Others dared to follow her,
Afterall, if a girl could do it,
so could they!

While we splashed and took photos
Littlest dipped his feet further,
watched in admiration.
I managed to dunk him a slightly
as I carried him in my neck
across the pool.

Corsica familymadventures 133

An exhausting hot walk,
a cooling swim,
don’t half make you hungry!
Lucky we were prepared!
The small picnic hitchhiking in our bags
was consumed before you could say

Bucket list: Picnic by a waterfall  ✔

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

The day was getting on.
We needed to head back
and leave this beautiful spot behind.
The walk back seemed
to go faster.
Spoilt for Angelina
by the sting of a wasp.
The heat was still draining,
but the cold water had helped
to keep us on pace.

Corsica waterfall walk family madventures

Hugo scooted, Max refused still.
Instead my stubborn little toddler
walked 6 km today to
The Waterfall and back.

Yes you read that correctly,
6.2 km or 3.85 miles!
We walked each way in
just over an hour and a half.
That’s toddler pace
holding mummy’s hand all along.
I was so proud
of my 3 year old,
but of the Angelina and Hugo too,
for completing this Madventure with me.

Our first waterfall
under which we could swim,
and clear, turquoise pool,
tempting us to jump.


The Waterfall!


Corsica waterfall walk family madventures



A very special thank you to Mark Warner holidays for inviting us to Corsica with them and enabling us to have such a splendid madventure. It was a treat to get back to the lush dinner at the resort that evening!

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