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Gear review: Polarn o pyret girl’s winter jacket

Once upon a time a little girl got a Polarn o Pyret jacket or as it was nicknamed, PoP jacket; A pretty pink jacket that brought with it promises to keep her warm and dry through her adventures.

Even though the little girl wasn’t a fan of pink, the PoP jacket soon became a favourite because inside it hid a secret: It was bright orange, the little girl’s favourite colour.  The inside was super soft too.breathable waterproof coat for kids

As the weather got colder the PoP jacket pushed aside all the other jackets. It was very warm and cosy. There were some features which the little girl particularly liked, like the fingerless gloves that were the extension of the inner sleaves.  The wrist protectors came in very handy for a little girl who was so engrossed in playing that she’d regularly loose her gloves.

PoP even managed to take the place of the cycling jacket. You see, it had little reflective details on it to help the little girl be seen better by cars when cycling daily to school and back.

It soon replaced her rain jacket- you see, this little jacket did a better job at keeping her dry. It was certainly waterproof.  (Though that in itself is not a difficult task, even a plastic bag is waterproof!) Where other waterproof jackets may have failed her during the tough, sweaty days of battling uphill section on the bike, the little pink jacket proved a winner.  PoP was only waterproof from the outside in, not the inside out. It breathed and let the sweat escape, keeping her truly dry.

waterproof breathable kids jacket

The hood of the PoP jacket could be removed to give way to the cycling helmet. The hood was then stored in the school bag to be easily fixed back on even by little hands for use while running around in the school playground during playtime.

Polarno pryet jacket 01 ©Mumonthebrink

The pink PoP jacket came with special pockets, three zipped pockets to be exact- big enough to store all sorts of treasures found on adventures out and about.  Mummy often emptied secret friendship notes and stacks of shells and rocks from a jacket increasingly weighed down by these finds. There was secret inside mesh pocket too.

The pretty PoP jacket had a feature that the little girl, sadly, could not test in the winter: it had a snow skirt. Alas, there was no snow that winter, just rain, rain and rain.  The jacket withstood that well.

The little girl loved her PoP jacket!  It will go on one more big adventure with her this Easter in the Highlands, then we can only hope it still fits next winter.

As the little girl’s mummy, I am super impressed by the quality of the jacket and how well it’s served this winter.

The only downside is probably the price.  At £80 full price it is not cheap- almost the price of 4 other jackets.  However, for someone like me, who has done a LOT of research on functional clothing, this jacket just ticks a lot of the boxes that make me confident that it will keep my little girl warm and dry.

I would recommend this jacket!  And to put the price into context further: I believe the PoP jacket is real quality that will easily serve more than one child.  It is also available in more unisex colours, so you can pass it down between boys and girls.


What features does a good jacket for kids need, in your opinion?



Disclosure: we were sent the jacket for the purpose of this review a couple of months ago.  We have taken our time to thoroughly test the jacket, delaying the review in hope of snow. All opinions expressed are our own, honest opinions. I would thoroughly recommend this jacket

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