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My glorious memory of a food market in Bangalore

During these cold, dark, rainy days leading up to Christmas I often draw on memories of wonderful travels to warmer destinations.

Yesterday, we were having a lazy Sunday, mooching around.  We had some shopping to do and popped into the local supermarket, where I picked up, among other things some soup.  That was dinner sorted!

When the smell of the GLORIOUS! Bangalore Lentil Daal soup reached my nostrils I was instantly transported back to my first day in Bangalore. The smell of garam masala, curry leaves and the sweet hints of mango reminded me of a warm December day a couple of years ago:

A bit jet-lagged we were exploring the streets of Bangalore. Just walking around, without any particular destination and without a map.  Getting lost, just indulging the daily life of this IT capitol in the south of India. We watched the colourful people and the smiles on their faces.

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Our walk had decided on its own destination. We ended up at a food market, bustling with people, smells and an uncountable number of food stalls and sellers.

The market seemed unorganised, a massive multi-storey market hall, too small to house all the traders. The streets around were also full with people selling their goods. Everywhere I looked people were busy, selling and buying food, haggling for the best price, sipping chai and meeting up with friends.

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We wandered around for a bit and found a space in the shade with a nice overview over a part of the market. Once my senses adjusted to this sensory overload and my eyes adjusted to the overwhelming number of things to see, I started to realise that the market was pretty organised. All the traders had their own area. There was a meat section, a fish section, one for fruit and vegetables and another for spices.

Directly in front of us was a young trader selling apples. We had been watching him and he had been watching us for a while.

“Come on, let’s buy some!” I beckoned to Marcus.

Totally unaware of the ‘normal’ price we haggled a bit and agreed on a price. We paid and to our surprise he put two extra apples in our bag. Well… obviously we paid too much, it being day one of the holiday, not familiar with the local haggling practices. The gesture of the honest trader made the juicy fresh apples taste even better.

Refreshed, we walked on to the spice section of the market. I had never seen anything like it in my life! Piles of spices, in the brightest colours. And the smells! Unforgettable and forever associated with India, but especially with that first day at the market in Bangalore! On this first day of an extraordinary adventure we feasted our eyes and focussed our camera lenses on this multicoloured extravaganza, taking mental note of things to buy in a fortnight, at the end of our trip.

Bangalore India Food Spices Travdlmadventures 1

The GLORIOUS! Bangalore Lentil Daal soup was delicious and triggered a very precious memory. I cannot wait to try the other soups from the range. To discover more unexpected flavours and who knows what memories they will bring back.

We all have scents that take us to happy memories.

What are your favourite memories of scents and sights?


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One thought on “My glorious memory of a food market in Bangalore

  • Tobias Armstrong

    I love this story! I remember having a very similar experience at a market in Russia, where we ended up buying watermelons and some borscht. I’m planning a trip to India in the next year or so, and this just made me more excited to be able to experience Indian food and culture at its finest! Thanks for sharing!

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