Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis


Is Mark Warner the Best Holiday Childcare provider?

Holidays are to be enjoyed as a family, right?

It is precious time to spend together after all.  Holidays are the prime opportunity to create those lasting memories. Yet, being together 24/7 can be tiring.  We are used to having a bit of space in our day to day lives away from eachother… even if it is just the 5 minutes while you lock yourself in the toilet. 😉

Childcare options available on a holiday means we all- adults and children alike- get to indulge in our own interests for a little time at least.  The adults get adult time, the kids have loads of fun with their own age group.  It’s an opportunity to have one-on-one time with a single child of your brood or with your partner.

Good holiday childcare will help cement the family unit.

Mark Warner childcare is truly the pinnacle of the leisure industry…that’s just my modest opinion.  They have developed a formula, whereby:

1, kids have an active holiday not confinced to a creche facility (however fantastic that may be)

2, kids can stick to their routines, sleep at a decent time, while parents can stay out

3, almost all childcare is included in costs already

Mark Warner, as experienced in a single parent capacity, have managed to remove all the guilt factor of enrolling the kids, just so I could sun myself, go sailing or enjoy some quiet time. (…without locking myself in the loo.)

You see, the kids don’t just get “locked into a room” while their parents enjoy all the resort has to offer.  No, the kids in the clubs have a busy- busy agenda having pool parties, making mocktails, going to the beach, learning to play tennis, windsurfing and sailing.

Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis

And it’s not just 10 year old+ who get to do all the cool stuff!  No, Max, at the tender age of 3, was out sailing with his Mini buddies!  Just look at the concentration on Max’s (3) face as he’s given the responsibility to steer the boat.

Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis

Mark Warner take health and safety seriously, but refuse to wrap the kids in cotton wool (or as others do, keep them locked in a room) and I love them for it!Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis

During my previous visit to a Mark Warner resort, Levente Beach Resort in Rhodes, I heard all about the childcare, but had no little Madventurers to test the theory.  This time, at the San Lucianu resort in Corsica I had 3 volunteers travelling with me.   To say that they were enthusiastic after the first session was an understatement! They loved it!

2 year olds and above get free childcare.  All you need to do is book.  2-5 year olds get 4 hours in the morning or afternoon.  For Max (3) I booked the morning sessions in Mini Club, as he’s better having a nap in the afternoons.

Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis


As reluctant as Max was to go at first, the moment he got there, the staff made him feel very welcome and eased him into the room.  Within hours he was practicing tennis!  Later, whenever childcare staff saw him (or any other child) at the resort they greeted him with a big ” Hello Max!”

Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis


The Minis have a full agenda to keep them busy and active all the time they spend with the Mark Warner staff.

Angelina and Hugo were in Junior Club. They had 2 full days at the club, by their own choice, the rest they reluctantly joined me in exploring the island.

The idea with kids clubs is that the family enjoy breakfast together, each then take part in activities they enjoy individually (or as a family/ part family) and then everyone reconvenes at lunchtime.  A 2 and a half hour siesta is perfect before kids can decide to leave the adults heading back to friends or stay to enjoy activities together as a family.

Mine could hardly wait to get back to their busy schedule.

Mark Warner Childcare

Mark Warner are unique in that they provide one on one childcare for special needs children too.  My friend, Alice, has a son with Down’s syndrome.  They have holidayed with the company a couple of times now and she really appreciates the value of this for her family.  (Read more on her one on one special needs childcare post)

Part of the childcare provision at San Lucianu is the parents’ room in the Childcare centre: there is a fridge full of milk and fruit, sterilising, tea making, food warming facilities open 24 hours a day. A very thoughtful touch.

We also borrowed a potty for Max for our room from childcare.

My favourite bit of the Mark Warner childcare experience was the kids’ film night.  Upto 6 years old kids watch a movie at 7:30pm and then they are given their little beds, the lights switched off and they are encouraged to sleep.  Even Angelina (8) joined the boys one night.  It was lovely to be out in adult company, knowing the kids were resting or even sleeping, thus avoiding a case of rotten-tired-wingy child the following day.

Mark Warner Childcare

I was out till 11pm.

The beach bar half empties at 11, with parents heading off to carry sleeping children back to their room. They should really have a gong, like they used to have in some pubs for last orders, just for pick up time.

Holidays are about making friendships.  By the end of the week, even if the kids haven’t been much in childcare, like mine, they’ll have made some good friends.  The staff will have sussed out the kids.  They get little certificates of achievement.

Angelina got the BT award for always having so much to say.

Hugo got the Red Bull award for being turbo charged all the time.

Max got the Master Puzzler award for completing all the puzzles in Mini room. (Which by the way was cavernous, not mini at all.)

Lots of holiday places have adopted a mascot.  I really appreciated Mark Warner hasn’t bothered.  They really don’t need to because they give the kids real experiences! Angelina is now keen to try more windsurfing and Hugo wants to try more tennis.  These experiences and the friendships they make are more important takeaways than any plush toy!

Corsica San Lucianu Mark warner child care sailing windsurfing tennis

I know, I am waxing lyrical about the childcare at Mark Warner, especially for someone who is more of an independent traveller.  …but it is really good!  I experienced it as a single parent this time and I’m looking forward to going back with The Madventurer and enjoying couple time interspersed with family time.

I’d love to hear if you have come across any great childcare provision elsewhere.



In collaboration with Mark Warner we are giving all Family {m}adventure readers a £50pp discount on all Summer 15 & 16 bookings made by 31 July.  Pop over and check out the offerings on the Mark Warner’s site.…there are some great offers for the summer still to be bagged.

Discount code is: MonikaBlog50

T&Cs:  Not valid for free child place or infants and can’t be offered in retrospect.

Disclosure: Mark Warner covered the cost of the flights, accommodation and half board for this trip. All opinions are, however, my own (some may have been influenced by the kids). 


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14 thoughts on “Is Mark Warner the Best Holiday Childcare provider?

  • With that kids schedule mine would be begging to go to kids club – no parental guilt factor needed!! It is important for all the family to get time to chill out on holiday so I do love an action packed kids club. But I always leave it up to the kids if they want to go. Usually fortunately, they do!!

    • Monika

      Yes, Nadine I agree with you about leaving it to the kids to go to club or not. Though if I had something something planned they’d have to come along with me, instead of me compromising on my plans. …I’m a tough mum for that. :oD … it makes for great madventures!

  • […] Warner’s holiday childcare is the benchmark for the industry in my Mark Warner Childcare post I outline why I think […]

  • Oh my goodness, what fantastic activities for children to take part in. I’m glad nobody had to be locked in a cupboard 😉

    • Monika

      Bek, do you know that was the exact film I was thinking of throughout the holiday! The charm of the hotel, the activities all made me think of Dirty Dancing. 😀

  • Believe it or not I have never left the kids alone in a kids club, I have always hung around and they are 10 and 9! I think this might chance my mind, but for me holidays are time for us all to spend together

    • Monika

      Jen, I tend to agree that holidays are great to spend as a family having those special shared memories. However, I think Mark Warner allow parents to have a break from 24/7 parenting. They allow that all important couple time, which one has so little time to work on day-to-day.
      As a single parent on this trip I had the opportunity to do something just for me, while knowing the kids were having amazing experiences too.

  • Mark Warner are very hard to beat with the activities they offer and the length of time and flexibility within it that the children can be having a great time. I hadn’t used the evening childcare until this occasion away with them and was glad to do so a couple of times. I am always travelling as a single parent and really appreciate the respite and the kids being keen to go is the making of the holiday!

  • Wow it sounds like they had an amazing time. We only went abroad for the first time this year to a private villa. I don’t know how I would feel about a kids club but Mark Warner childcare sounds brilliant. I think I would have more confidence with a big name like MW.

  • I used to love kids clubs as a child – a chance to be independent and make new friends. Never did anything as exciting as what Mark Warner have to offer though.

  • I love the childcare options at Mark Warner resorts. We put the younger two in club in the mornings and they adored it. Isaac got the choice to do mornings and afternoons and of course he choose to do both. Was impressed by how much they did wether it be watersports on the sea or in the pool. Looks like you had an amazing time

    Here’s our opinion on the childcare:

    • Monika

      Thanks Kara, we did have an amazing time thanks to the ease of the resort and all that it and Corsica had to offer. As you say, the kids just love childcare so much that they want to go all the time.

  • Great review, the childcare was my most favourite bit of the holiday too. Like you said not just because of the free time it gave me but because of the experiences and friendships it gave them too x

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