Dream tree

A Harvard study showed that those graduates who wrote down their goals and dreams were significantly more likely to achieve them.  Most of us have heard this quoted.


Over the weekend we had the pleasure of visiting the Camping and Caravan Show at the NEC.   The show was spread over 5 halls, with lots of things to do and see.  On the second day we ended up spending quite a bit of time by the Experts’ Theatre, where adventurer Richard Harpham was conferring up the line of interesting speakers.


In between the talks he kept referring to a banner at the edge of the stage with a tree drawn on it.

Dream tree

Then during Richard’s talk we found out more about the tree.

Richard introduced us to the range of adventures one can have:

  • Long expeditions
  • Short adventures
  • Big adventures
  • Small adventures
  • Human powered adventures
  • Credit card adventures

He’s right!  There are lots of adventures to be had. To live life beyond our comfort zone and feel alive we don’t have to always aim for the big adventures.  Sometimes the simplest things- like climbing a tree, making a campfire, badger watching- can be our little dose of adventure for the day.

Just open your eyes along the way and you’ll be surprised at what you see, things you notice.

For the same reason,  I really love the concept of the 50 things to do before you are 11 and 3/4 from the National Trust. It’s small attainable adventures that lead to loving nature and the outdoors … and perhaps opening up bigger adventures later on.

The dream tree was a place to post those adventures we dream to take.  By writing these down they become just that bit more tangible and attainable.

Angelina and Hugo really leapt at the opportunity to write down their adventure onto the Dream Tree, as did Max.

Angelina has talked about her dream for a couple of months now.  She wrote:

See the Northern Lights

This is a dream I share with my daughter since I was a child myself, so I guess we better make it happen.

Hugo’s sense of adventure shone through his dream and he’s combined it with his love of all things watersports:

 Learn to surf

Max’s was a bit difficult to decipher:




…  If you can interpret toddler writing, please do help me. 😉


Richard spoke a lot about his paddling adventures.  This brought back an adventure I tried to rally friends for a couple of years ago, so I wrote it down and stuck it on the tree too:

 Paddle down the Yukon river

So there! Those were our dreams.

I tried to get the Madventurer to write down his too, but he is so not a dreamer … he leaves that to me and his kids, then supports our madness.  He’s a bit like the ballast on a sailing boat- vital to maintain course, balance and to stay safe, especially when things get choppy.  I reckon every family needs a rock to steady it!


What would you write on the Dream Tree?


Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

 Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly. — Langston Hughes




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