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The secret to successfully GET THROUGH an airport and onto the plane with kids and your sanity in tact

When you do “have your hands full” it’s best to be prepared for a trip with the kids.

Ace the airport queues and lounges flying with kids

Preparation, preparation, preparation

(See my preparation tips for a trip with young kids)

Then on the day,  hopefully, things will flow easier.  Here are my tricks that have worked time and again for passing through an airport at each step with least glitches:

Arrive early!

BC (before kids) I was the one arriving to the airport lastminute, just in time to dash through the airport and slot in my seat puffing. Now, I try to leave ample time and factor in all sorts of mishaps, toilet breaks, tantrums, the need to run around a little.

Have fun in the queues!

Argh! The most boring thing ever about airports: Queuing!…again and again.  I hate it, the kids hate it. As a kid you look at the same backside forever. We all need distracting from this fact and not by a misbehaving child.Airport

At the check in queue– talk. Repeat each of the steps you are going to go through and why.   (This is where a map or a scavenger hunt comes in handy.)

At the immigration queue carry on discussing the process and play games like I spy, finish the sentence and others.  I often have storycubes in my pocket and whip out one for inspiration about something to talk about.

At the security queue have them help you with handing up their own bags. They need to pass through on their own- make a big deal that they are like adults, walking slowly through.

Ask them to sit on the chairs provided or on the floor while you put all the things back into the bag.  Have them help you put things back into their own bags, put on shoes and sweaters.

In the lounge, once through security, check where your boarding gate is an how long getting there is likely to take… Add at least another 10 minutes for a tantrum, toilet break, distraction looking at shops, etc.


Next, take the opportunity (if you have time) for a toilet break.  Use the disabled toilets and ask everyone to try to go at the same time. I always have to plead with Angelina, who hates public toilets.  Usually I leave her last and by then she has conjured up inspiration for relief.

This is also the time to let them run around a little. (Some airports have play areas… check it out in advance if the ones you are flying from have them. Heathrow for example has them at all terminals.)

Recently we’ve travelled with a microscooter for the littlest and found a quieter corridor for them to race up and down and get rid of some energy and excitement.

At the boarding gate take out one toy if you have 5 minutes or more.

Airport gate check in

If boarding is imminent distract them with a video clip or a short game on your phone, further word games, chatting… whatever, just not a whole Sylvanian Family. (You are bound to loose one as it comes to packing up quickly when you are called to the gate.)

Queueing at the boarding gate make sure all luggage- trunkis- and transport gear- scooters or buggies- are ready to be carried on.  Shoulder straps attached to the bags, buggies folded, scooters dissembled and so on.  This is the time you are most distracted so make sure kids are holding onto each other.  This is also the time that mine fight the most and we have rolling eyes around us from those travelling without kids.  They are thinking:

Oh I hope they aren’t sitting behind me!

We usually are and then get compliments at the end of the flight on how amazingly good the kids have been and how well I’m doing despite having “my hand full”.

Have I missed anything? What are your tips for saving your sanity at the airport?



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