The yummy food of Sri Lanka – Rice and Curry

Sri Lanka, the country of the Rice and Curry, but also Ceylon Tea, Hopper and Roti.

Food is important in Sri Lanka and one of the reasons why we wanted to visit. It was everything we imagined and maybe even a bit more….. So many great meals!


Start the day well, have a good breakfast! This is definitely something they understand in Sri Lanka.

A typical breakfast is hopper or roti with dahl and coconut sambal.

The coconut sambal was one of my daily favourites and contains, grated coconut, chili powder, grated union and ginger mixed together with a slash of lime juice. Spicy, but surprisingly fresh.

Coconut Sambal Sigiriya Sri Lanka

Photo: Coconut Sambal at Liyons Rest Guesthouse – Sigiriya

You put the dahl and the sambal on a roti or a hopper and all you have to do after that is eat and ENJOY!

We were familiar with the roti from previous travels to India and also from eating Surinam food, but the hopper was new to us. It’s essentially a simple rice flour and coconut milk pancake.

In most of the guesthouses we stayed, we were asked if we wanted continental or Sri Lankan breakfast. Having both options is great for Western Tourists, especially if you want to avoid the spicy food. For us the standard answer was Sri Lankan, please!

The breakfast usually contained a fruit platter as well. Very tasty fruit, as you can expect from a country with a tropical climate. Super sweet pineapple, papaya and mini bananas. Life is good!

Fruit platter Tangalle Sri Lanka

Photo: Fruit Platter at Eagles Nest Cabanas – Tangalla


With a hearty breakfast still providing lots of energy, I skipped lunch most days. Marcus usually had a small snack or light meal from a street vendor or bakery. His favourite was the Thosai, better known as Dosa.

He already fell in love with them during a previous trip to South India and was happy to find them in Sri Lanka as well. Served with a variety of chutney, curry and dahl it makes a good lunch.

Making Dosa Negombo Sri Lanka

Photo: Making Thosai’s at local restaurant in Negombo

And then…. Dinner!

All day I could look forward to Dinner time. The delicious Rice and Curry.

It might sound boring to eat Rice and Curry every single day, but that is not how I experienced it. It can be totally different from day to day. Sometimes with steamed rice, sometimes with fried rice. A variety of curries, vegetable, chicken, prawns, fish and fruit curries. All delicious. Sambal and Poppadum were the only two items that returned every day. Yummy!

coach live life orange 1

I hear you think, where are the recipes?

Don’t worry, they are in my notebook. Will post them here when I have cooked them myself, so watch this space!

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