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Watersports at Mark Warner’s San Luciano Resort, Corsica

Are you the type that can sit on the sun lounger for hours with a good book?  Lucky you!

Sadly, not me!  I’m always fidgeting, looking for activities.  With all the watersports on offer at Mark Warner’s San Lucianu resort I found myself in a good place. (you can read our full review of San Lucianu)

At San Lucianu there are two pools- a family one and an adults-only pool.

I think this concept is great.

Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner

The adult-only pool gives adults a chance for swimming laps uninterrupted by bombing kids, partaking in aqua-aerobics or just sunning by a quiet pool.

The family pool is noisy and I think the baby pool section too small, nonetheless it is great to have as an addition to the superb beach a few steps further.  We loved the hustle and bustle of this area whenever we got down there. There is a vigilant lifeguard on duty 9 am to 5:30, which didn’t take away the parental responsibility of looking after my kids. However, it did mean I could read a magazine just glimpsing up and not have to sit eagle-eyed staring at my off-spring all the while they were in or near the water.

Corsica familymadventures 125

If the pools aren’t your thing the beach is well-kept. It is rough sand, little bit like dirt in places and gets very hot during to the day.  Shoes are a must unless you fancy fire walking.   San Lucianu has a marked swimming area.  Going into the water is neither shallow nor steep.

We spent a time on the beach most days- throwing stones, splashing around or building sand castles. Evenings were particularly relaxing by the water.

That moment when your child comes running out of the water so excited after the first time ever snorkeling: "Mummy there are fish in here!!!!" I'm so glad I went for a last-minute shop at @decathlonuk and bought some great swimwear & UV tops. #mwmoment #childhoodunplugged #snorkelling #swimming #markwarnermums #holiday #sea #diving The mask is amazing btw! A photo posted by Monika (@mumonthebrink) on Jun 29, 2015 at 8:12am PDT

Snorkelling was a hit with my kids.  Not only did they do it the first time, but the sea bed was quite varied and interesting.


On the waterfront there is a good selection of watercrafts.  For the sailing enthusiasts there idiot-proof fun boats, dinghies or wizzy catamarans. A range of windsurfs cater for different abilites. On calm days with little wind or waves paddling above the reefs in a sit-on-kayak or on a stand up paddleboard is an option.  (If you are up for a workout you can do this on choppy, windy days too.)

The waterfront is definitely my favourite part of a Mark Warner holiday!  Unlimited access to all this equipment for free from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

I love that you roll up to the lifeguard station, decide what you want to take out and by the time you get your buoyancy aid on, name on the board, your vessel is rigged up and waiting for you by the water.

Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner

Life jackets are mandatory by the way.  There is a good selection to fit from baby to extra large.  If you like, and are proficient enough, there are buoyancy aids that act as a harness to tether yourself to a windsurf or a trapeze while sailing.

The wind in Moriani was variable while we were there, but consistent and not gusty (despite the mountains just in the background)

One morning the wind was particularly good, a nice swift breeze and c. 60-70 cm waves. We- me and the 3 kids- decided to go sailing a bit before we headed into the mountains for a hike.  We started on a funboat, but were called back in because the kids’ club needed it. Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner

I was not impressed, but decided to go out again with the catamaran.  Not being too confident in handling jib, main and steering with the 3 kids on board we stuck to  just having the main sail up.  We had a really fun sail with a fair bit of spray.  This did not impress the toddler, who was hanging on for dear life at the beginning. Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner

As Angelina and Hugo giggled with joy at the spray, Max loosened up too.  There were smiles all around, especially when we surfed on the waves with a back wind carrying us.

Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner

Couple of times when I came to tack, I realised it was rather tricky without a jib. We got stuck in the headwind. Kids were a bit confused as to why mummy couldn’t drive this boat at times and started tutting the second time.  It was all good learning.  Really should’ve jibed!

Rather reassuringly, the safety boat was buzzing around not too far, so I knew if we got into any trouble he’d be there under a minute.

On the Mark Warner waterfront you are restricted to staying between marker buoys. These are placed quite far apart though.  This is the trade-off for having the security of the rib to help if something went wrong.

The marked area gives the perfect playground for pushing the limits and improving your skills on the water.  Had I not had all 3 kids with me on the water that morning I think I’d have loved to have pushed the cat a bit more and tested my single-handed skills with jib and all.

Mark Warner offer RYA approved courses (at an additional fee), but also do clinics for improving skills.  With juggling 3 kids (even with childcare) and itchy feet to see Corsica I didn’t get around to doing a clinic. Though wish I had though…next time!

Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner

The week we were at San Lucianu the waterfront team organised the first kayak safari. It was 10 € per boat and the group went to the nearby town for an ice cream.  Sadly, we were away from the resort at the time, but my friend Anya did it with her boys.  They really enjoyed it and from what she said having the back up of the rib accompanying them gave her the confidence to do it with the boys (6 and 10 years old).

When I was at Levente Beach resort in September I really made use of the watersports options and loved it.  I was a bit worried that with the kids I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it as much this time.  I was wrong!

I could go out while the kids chose to be in kids’ club or we could go out as a family.  Two afternoons when Max wasn’t in Mini club I took a boat out, just him and me. With a gentle breeze and rocking waves my intention was to lull the 3 year old to sleep while I enjoyed a calm sail.   It worked!

Sailing Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner

It through me back in time: I remember my first sailing exploits and how I loved those afternoon naps in the shade on hot summer days, a breeze blowing and the sound of the waves against the hull of the boat. It’s part of why I fell in love with sailing.

This picture for me is what makes a holiday:

Sailing Corsica San Lucianu hotel Mark Warner


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