Why choose Aruba for your next Caribbean holiday?

Is there such a thing as paradise on Earth? Well, there is a little island in the south Caribbean, not far off the coast of Venezuela- Aruba, the A in the ABC of the Dutch Antilles**. This little island is full of surprises and will make any visitor want to go back again and again.

Tell me if you think it is a piece of paradise:

The warm blue seas


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When you step out of your hire car and your jaw drops…that!
Again, no filters needed for this stunning and fun beach in Aruba: Baby beach. This was my favourite beach in Aruba fit its amazing natural beauty and variety. It’s got beautiful sand, shallow, protected waters and a little bit of adventure at the mouth of the bay: A strong, cool current which brings all sorts of fish and makes for fun snorkeling.
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A surprisingly arid landscape

… which means very little rain and therefore an unhindered sunny break any time of the year, even during hurricane season!



“The best things in life are natural” We visited the ‘son’ of the famous ‘Natural Bridge’ on a jeep safari around the north coast of Aruba. It was along the way to our final destination, the ‘Natural Pool’. The pool is basically a large, deep rock pool which is regularly refreshed by big, powerful waves crashing over the surrounding rocks and filling the pool. Of course, it has a natural overflow too. It appears like a reverse fort, jagged fortifications while the moat resides within. Groups arrive in jeeps, quad bikes, on horse back or mountain bike, and the pool is almost always filled with bathers and snorkellers. The bridge is one of several which punctuate the coastline. The original natural bridge collapsed sometime ago. The result of eons of ocean erosion, wind and waves combining to shape the rugged coast. This may not be as grand, but it’s still a marvel of nature and a reminder she is still the most creative and patient architect. #DiscoverAruba #onehappyisland

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“Nature’s wonders, all creatures small and great” It’s been a long standing ambition to get a decent image of a hummingbird. Although this one isn’t in flight, I’m still pleased to have finally caught my quarry. This is a Ruby-topaz hummingbird, and having stalked the little bird for sometime, failing miserably to catch him flying it was with great relief he settled on this branch for a few moments. They fly incredibly fast, flitting about like a tiny fighter jet, almost impossible to catch one in flight, certainly beyond my limited ability. It was still necessary to move around, slightly cautiously to avoid scaring him, but looking for the best position to avoid flare or fringing caused by the bright background. Most if the time he appeared in silhouette, but by getting below him, with a thicker branch above providing a background, it was possible to discover the detail and colour in his plumage. He was found near the Spanish Lagoon in Aruba. An extremely beautiful spot, which was shared in my previous @instagram Away from the beautiful waterfront, in the dense undergrowth there were several squadrons of mossies. On my own, without any distractions, they were able to give me their undivided attention ….. lucky huh! I’d even given up a relaxing pamper and spa session to visit the lagoon, hoping for an opportunity to get some wildlife shots. Along with the hummingbird there were iguanas, an anole lizard, monarch butterflies and colourful troupials, well worth making a small sacrifice and even some unexpected blood donation. #arubaonehappyisland #DiscoverAruba #onehapoyisland 

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Fun and blissful relaxation




{awesome engineering} As the @carnival ship docks in Aruba all the buildings of downtown Oranjestad are dwarfed. This beauty of engineering brings a lifeblood to the shops in town, since a new mall next to the high-rise hotels on Palm Beach has taken most of the custom of these Oranjestad vendors. . The guests of @renaruba have a brilliant view of the ships docking. Sipping their cocktail, I overheard some guests by the poolside wondering how a large metal structure stays afloat. It’s physics they acknowledged, yet still mind-boggling. The conversation made me contemplate the feat of engineering even further: We are here because we got into large metal structures that took to the skies like birds, defying belief of centuries, and carried us 1000s of miles to enjoy the sun, sea, fantastic Aruban hospitality….and this stunning view bought to you by engineers and nature. . What’s your favourite engineering wonder? #travelgram #Aruba #onehappyisland 

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Would your kids love this little lagoon for swimming and snorkeling? (Or would they prefer one of the pools?) I reckon mine would not get out from dawn to dusk. For sure I didn’t want to! I just love how @renaruba have created varied, safe and enjoyable beach experiences across their properties in Oranjestad Aruba: 2 resorts, a private bathing island, 2 family pools, 1 adult only pool, this lagoon and flamingos to make it even more special. . . #aruba #discoveraruba #lovecaribbean #igersaruba #igerscaribbean #caribbeanbeach #exploringtheworld #beautifulplanet #bestvacations #fabdestinations #wonderful_places #earthpix #ig_worldclub #globe_travel #telegraphtravel #epicpic #worldwidetravel #wanderlust #onehappyisland #instagood #getaway #ilovetravel #jetsetter #passportready #beautifuldestinations #justgoshoot #passionpassport #BBCtravel #wonderful_places #instatravel #familytravel

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The island of Aruba is one Happy Island…fancy spending your holiday there?


**ABC: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao

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