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Monika Roozen family madventures

My name is Monika, the Madventuress. The chief co-ordinator of our daily chaos and adventures.

I have been blogging since 2010 and now work part-time as a professional blogger and social media consultant to fit in with other demands on my time, mostly family.

I grew up travelling the world with my parents.

Being a sporty water baby, my parents fondly tell the story of sitting me into the gently lapping waters of the Adriatic in Croatia at 6 months and me going into a utter meltdown when they tried to take me out. Later, I would be first in the Pacific on Bondi Beach (Sydney) on most weekends and the one to have to be dragged out at the end of the day; Exhausted from bodysurfing. I love water and watersports, but have also grown to appreciate the beauty the Earth holds for us.

I have a brood of three beautiful multilingual Littlins.

Family madventures Angelina Hugo Max

Angelina, my spring baby, introduced me to my role as a mother in 2007.

This beautiful little girl has the biggest heart ever. She loves to wander in cities as much as in nature.  Next on her bucket list is to see the Northern lights and go to Antarctica. She is definitely my best partner in dreaming up and planning our adventures.

My autumn baby, Hugo, came along in 2008.

He is a very thoughtful boy with a real sense of adventure and a fascination with wildlife, especially bugs.  He loves all activities, but especially those involving water; a water baby taking after his mother. He says we wants to take a boat down the Amazon and see all sorts of animals along the way.

In 2012 Max, my summer baby, entered our lives.

My happy mini giant slots into our life, troddles along with our routines and our adventures..  He is our little footballer and future rally driver, who also shares a fascination for animals like his big brother.

In my muddles I have a partner in crime, my winter man- The Madventurer- Antoine.  A 21st century man with a big heart.  He’d like to trek to Machu Picchu and go island hopping in Croatia.

We live in the gorgeous city of Oxford in the UK.

We love to travel, love the outdoors and quite like our technology- be that comms devices or household appliances. We make an effort to live in a more environmentally conscious way; dabble in gardening and keeping chickens.

We are a regular family, with kids in school and on a strict budget.  We squeeze travel and adventures into our busy schedules.  Each year we have 13 weeks school holidays.  Me and the kids will be try to fill at least 11 weeks with fun exploring the world.  The Madvenuturer will join us for 3-4 weeks of these.

Weekends give us a chance to extend our 11-13 weeks of travels- sometimes we even do something crazy as visit a big city on the continent. 3, 2, 1 …go!